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We are going to analyze the trends in Latin America for Computer Security.


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State of Computer Security in Latin America in 2018.


Computer Security is one of the most important Topic in today Business World, A company who lost all their data in a security breach it will be bankrupt in less than 3 years.

You have to prepare for this Digital War and Tecnotitan is getting ready a lot of High Tech Tools to help you and your company to win this battle.

In Latin America Digital Banking is starting to be a very important topic, fintech is starting to grow in size and quality.

Many important Banks in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina are starting to take big steps in protecting their digital infrastructure , one of the used strategy to steal data in the region is called Phising.


One of the most common problems in Latin America is that is very difficult to replace Old Hardware and Software, many of the attacks are old technologies that still are present in the region. In our Region there is a lack of knowledge in computer security and a lack of will to really change that situation.

Another Big Problem in the Region is the lack of Computer Security Professionals, there was a lack of 200.000 Computer Security Graduates in US alone.

There is a Long Road ahead to Latin America and the Caribbean in this Digital War.



of the companies think spyware is a very dangerous threat


Of the companies in the region have suffered a digital attack



of malware IN lATIN AMERICA comes from ANDROID OS


of detections are in mobile devices


Forecast For 2018. 


According to a Study made by Kapersky Labs 2018 will see a lot of attacks to Users and Technology Providers, Internet of Things (IOT) is a new technology but it will bring new security holes to Consumers and Business Networks.

Banking and Fintech are being used for Scams using phishing or using fake Websites that look like to real ones to steal all our Financial Data.

One growing trend will be Digital Spionage to Governments and the military, many countries in the region are using new and advanced technology to steal military secrets.

Android Malware will continue growing in size and types of attacks.

Small and Medium Companies in the Region will see more attacks and the Use of more advanced technologies.

The Abuse in Cryptocurrency mining and Cryptocurrency Malware will be more common and Widespread Because Android Malware is using consumer phones to mine cryptocurrency in stealth mode.

Internet of thing (IOT) will be a major player in the coming years so the security issues will increase in this new kind of devices.

The time to Stay Protected is Now.


number of annual cyber attacks WORLDWIDE IN MILLIONS


Tecnotitan Cares for your Company. 

Photo by abluecup/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by abluecup/iStock / Getty Images

We are a Important Business Partner for your Company, we know the cost of a data disaster and we know that not too many companies recover for that.

With our Technologies we can Protect You and Your company of Cybercriminals, Phising,Digital Data Disaster and Ransomware.

We can design a Package according to your budget and company size.

Start Now and dont let your valuable Data to be Stolen.



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