Yakuy Ecoparque

Welcome to the Future in High Technology Entertainment and Medical Treatments.

The Ecopark is gonna be located in Colombia, in one of the most beautiful regions, The Coffe Axis.

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Automated Transport


The park will have the most advanced ways of transportation to all visitors. We are designing new and advanced vehicles so visitors can travel very fast across the park stations.

Nutrivida Restaurant


The park will have a Healthy Food Restaurant called Nutrivida, so all the visitors will enjoy healthy food using only top of the line ingredients.


Green Magic Resort

Yakuy Green Magic Resort.jpg

Our Resort is one of the most Relaxing places on Earth, Pure Waters, Wonderful Landscapes and your room full of green.

Coconut Tree Resort


In This Park you are going to have the most Life Changing Experiences, This is the Future of Health and Entertainment.